TestDrive 3.0 Launched - June 2019

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As VMware's products and services continue to evolve, TestDrive environments also transform to provide best-in-class user experiences.  Announcing TestDrive 3.0!

TestDrive is the only place to see the entire VMware stack configured and ready to go, integrated with live applications in a real world environment

TestDrive is built on bare metal for maximum performance and is a true hybrid cloud architecture designed with reference architecture and best practice to be the ultimate product experience.

In order to fortify TestDrive infrastructure, future-proof TestDrive for the VMware product portfolio, as well as properly support Workspace ONE features in a shared user environment in a GDPR world, extensive changes needed to be made.

All TestDrive systems have been rebuilt—from the ground up—in order to optimally showcase the VMware product portfolio. As well, the new, multi-cloud architecture both extends and enhances product demo support.

Expand the below section for key actions you'll either need to take or make note of:

New Infrastructure Overview

We started with an overhaul of our core management services including a brand new Active Directory, state-of-the-art networking with NSX-T and NSX-V, addition of high availability, enhanced security with Palo Alto Networks, and consolidation of our product portfolio. 

We now showcase the full SDDC stack built on the latest reference architectures!

We then redeployed all of the VMware products in TestDrive to ensure all of the same product experiences are available for you on the latest versions with the newest features.

  • New Active Directory. A single, private internal domain of VMWTD.COM.  This will ease our internal domain management and lessen the confusion experienced by users when logging in via the Horizon Client and HTML and not knowing which domain to choose.
  • NSX-T for all compute clusters:  This is a change from the old TestDrive infrastructure where we were running on traditional hardware managed networking.  Moving to NSX-T will provide us with better flexibility to implement other VMware solutions in TestDrive and make it easier to onboard new cloud based environments.
  • Consolidated general use Horizon desktops and applications into a central location in Dallas, TX.  With the advanced network related performance optimizations done by the Horizon Client, performance of the desktops and applications from this central location should be good when accessed globally.
  • vGPU based desktops maintained in all regions (Dallas, Amsterdam, and Singapore) Since vGPU based demos can be more latency sensitive, we have kept vGPU based desktops in region. The vGPU desktops are based on the image created jointly with a team from NVIDIA and are still launched from the pool named “NVIDIA-VMWARE-vGPU-TEST DRIVE” in each region.  NVIDIA also provides access to these pools to users participating in the NVIDIA & VMware Test Drive program which they promote from their end.
  • No more Windows 7 and Windows 2012.  To keep up with more current Windows Server technologies and with the upcoming end of life of Windows 7 support by Microsoft, we have decided not to maintain Windows 7 desktop pools and allocate the compute resources to Windows 10 and Windows 2016 pools.
  • A new Imprivata OneSign appliance has been deployed, using version 6.2. 
    Be sure to update any of your client devices (zero, thin, Win10, etc.) that are used for the Imprivata/Healthcare demos.  See Your Action Items.
  • New Horizon Cloud Services environments for IBM and Azure.  In order to prevent downtime, the new environments were built in parallel to the existing ones.  See Your Action Items.
Current Product Versions
  • vCenter 6.7.0
  • vSAN 6.7
  • NSX-T  2.4.1
  • NSX-V 6.4.5
  • vRealize Operations Manager 7.0
  • vRealize Operations Manager for Horizon 6.6
  • Horizon 7.8
  • Horizon vGPU running on Tesla V100 Profile 2Q Grid vGPU Software v8.0
  • UEM 9.7
  • App Volumes 2.16
  • Workspace ONE UEM (AirWatch) - (1904)
  • Workspace ONE vIDM - SaaS GA build (3642d5577743cd93ede913f64a061cc51873e0ed)

We've taken a huge step forward in ensuring TestDrive will be ready to onboard the rest of the VMware product portfolio and that we’re always providing the latest and greatest showcases for all of our products.

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