Workspace ONE Assist in TestDrive


Workspace ONE Assist is only available in the TestDrive RTU environment in Workspace ONE UEM.

Workspace ONE Assist is not available in a TestDrive-brokered UEM sandbox tenant. This is a TestDrive limitation.

Device Requirements

Review the Workspace ONE Assist platform support page before attempting Workspace ONE Assist in testdrive.awmdm.com. 

TestDrive setup notes:

  • Android
    • Legacy enrollment is not supported.
    • An Android device must have both the Assist Agent and OEM-specific Assist Service, with the exception of Samsung and Sony devices.  The Assist Agent installs automatically on Work Managed Devices enrolled into testdrive.awmdm.com.  A few of the OEM-specific Assist Service apps are available for manual deployment in the Enterprise - Corporate Owned Demo OG and rugged demo.
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