Getting Started & Logging In to VMware TKGI (formerly Enterprise PKS)


Kubernetes is fast becoming the standard for enterprise container orchestration.  In these walkthroughs you will be exposed to the fundamentals of the Kubernetes architecture and deep dive into using the kubectl CLI.   You will be introduced to VMware TKGI (formerly Enterprise PKS), a purpose built service for operationalizing Kubernetes at scale. You will also dive into the details of the building, deployment and management of container based applications on Kubernetes.  Kubernetes is an open-source platform for automating deployment, scaling, and operations of application containers across clusters of hosts, providing container-centric infrastructure.

With Kubernetes, you are able to quickly and efficiently respond to customer demand:

  • Deploy your applications quickly and predictably.
  • Scale your applications on the fly.
  • Seamlessly roll out new features
Logging Into VMware TKGI (formerly Enterprise PKS)

To login to VMware TKGI (formerly Enterprise PKS) perform the following steps.

First, open a web browser, navigate to testdrive.vmware.com and log in with your TestDrive account.  If you do not have a TestDrive account, follow the guide here.

Next, locate the VMware TKGI (formerly Enterprise PKS) Product under the Accelerate Cloud Journey tab. Toggle the switch stating the 'product is disabled' to ON.

You'll get a notification that the product is being turned on for your account. Once the provisioning is complete, the TKGI service will update and show a count down timer. This is how much time you have left to use the TKGI demo.

Once the service finishes provisioning, you will see credentials and walkthroughs populated in the TestDrive portal for the TKGI demo. Walkthroughs outline all the steps you can perform within the TKGI demo in TestDrive. The credentials section show you which username and password to use for Workspace ONE, and which credentials to use on the VMware Tanzu Horizon Desktop. Please refer back to these credentials as you follow the steps in the guides.


A new tab will open with Workspace ONE. Enter your same TestDrive Username and Password and log in. You can find this username and password under the TKGI / PKS service in the TestDrive portal if you forget labeled "Workspace ONE credentials".

Next, search for the VMware Tanzu desktop. Click to open into the desktop either via HTML access or Horizon Client access.

Now you'll be on the VMware Tanzu Desktop. At this point you can begin any of the walkthrough guides outlined above.

Credentials for the environment:

  URL: https://vca-1.vmwtd.com/ui
  Username: [email protected]
  Password: PKSdemo123!

  URL: https://nsxtmgr-1.vmwtd.com/nsx/#/app/advanced 
  Username: audit
  Password: [email protected]!!

  URL: https://harbor.vmwtd.com
  Username: <your username>
  Password: <your password> 
  NOTE: If this is the first time you are logging into Harbor, you need to create a user by singing up

  URL: https://surf.wavefront.com 
  Username: [email protected]
  Password: PKSDemoWavefront1!

  NOTE: Once logged in, navigate to Dashboards -> Favorites -> VMware Tanzu Kubernetes Grid     Integrated Edition -> {your-cluster}

Ops Manager:
  URL: https://opsman-local.vmwtd.com 
  Username: audit
  Password: [email protected]!!

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