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VMware Workspace ONE is a digital workspace platform that simply and securely delivers and manages any app on any device by integrating access control, application management and multi-platform endpoint management.

VMware Workspace ONE can essentially transform a Chromebook into a dedicated VMware Workspace ONE device.

Follow the steps below to experience VMware Workspace ONE hands on with a Chromebook.

Before You Begin

In order to experience Workspace ONE on a Chromebook, you need the following:

Section 1: Enroll your Chromebook

Enrollment begins just after Chromebook startup.  Enrollment is a simple process that begins by initiating the enterprise enrollment prompt.  The enterprise enrollment prompt must be used, otherwise no enrollment will take place and the device will enter a consumer state.  After the enterprise enrollment authentication, the device is enrolled.

Use the following account for demoing the Chromebook:  

User:   Grace Hopper
Username:   ghopper
Google email address:       [email protected]
Password   cHromeWks1!

To enroll a Chrome OS device:

  1. Power on the Chromebook and connect to Wi-Fi.
  2. Press CTRL+ALT+E to proceed to enterprise enrollment at the 'Sign into the Chromebook' page.
  3. Enter your Google account credentials (provided above).
  4. Select Done.

    The Chromebook is now enrolled.  You're now ready to experience Workspace ONE!

Next, you should receive a Workspace ONE login screen. Sign-in to enter Workspace ONE on Chrome.

Section 2: Guided Work Experiences

After a successful device login, you'll notice the enterprise Chromebook user's experience is not like a typical Chromebook's.  The Chrome browser will automatically open with the Workspace ONE tenant already configured and no further authentication will be required thanks to Workspace ONE and Chrome OS integration.

The Chromebook has been transformed into a Workspace ONE device!

Workspace ONE will then install apps.   A couple of these apps are Android apps coming from Google Play and will pin to the Chromebook's taskbar.

The following Chrome and Android apps will silently install:

  • Zoom and Slack (Chrome apps)
  • VMware Horizon Client (Android app)

The Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub view provides the same engaging user experience on all supported Workspace ONE platforms.  You'll see both apps, broken into categories on the left side, and notifications.  For Chromebooks, Workspace ONE aggregates all the apps your employees need whether its a virtual app or web app.  Workspace ONE is providing single sign on and access policy controls to these apps regardless of what device type, enrollment status, or endpoint the user is attempting to access the app from. Notifications keep users in tune with the

Favorites can be set up for frequently used web and virtual apps.  You can navigate the entire catalog page to search and favorite an item from the search results.

To view virtual apps—Horizon apps and Horizon desktops—click the category filter on the left side.

Websites (web apps) are also filterable by category.

Back in websites, launch the Office 365 web app to demonstrate the user's seamless SSO access to organizational SaaS apps.  Navigate to Outlook within Office 365.

Now show the Workspace ONE user experience with a Horizon app.

Switch back to Workspace ONE and search for the Visio 2016 Horizon app.

Workspace ONE will open Visio via HTML access. 

Section 3: Understanding Security Features

We can observe conditional access through Workspace ONE. In this case, we will open Workspace ONE, and attempt to open an app titled "Patient Records".

In Workspace ONE, search for "patient"...then attempt to open the Patient Records website

A Workspace ONE conditional access policy blocks access to the site.

You'll also notice that the corporate device has a few managed restrictions.  The following websites have been blocked on the enterprise Chromebook:

  • netflix.com
  • facebook.com
  • twitter.com
  • instagram.com
  • youtube.com

 When done with your demo, and want to reset your device, follow be sure to wipe device data.

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