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This walkthrough will enable you to get hands on with Carbon Black Cloud. The Malware Lab contains actual attacks that you can run live in a test environment to see how prevention and visibility work in the Carbon Black Cloud solution suite. 

What is Carbon Black Cloud?

The VMware Carbon Black Cloud is a security solution suite comprised of the following products that may be used together or alone with a single lightweight agent and cloud-based console: 

  • Endpoint Standard: Next-generation antivirus (NGAV) and endpoint detection and response (EDR) solution. Carbon Black Endpoint Standard provides multiple layers of prevention to prevent/detect a variety of attacks such as known malware, non-malware, and fileless 
  • Enterprise EDR: Enables advanced threat-hunting with out-of-the-box watchlists curated by Carbon Black and third parties like MITRE as well as the capabilities for creating and tracking customized indicators of compromise (IOCs) 
  • Audit & Remediation: Allows admins to gather current-state information across software, hardware and network variables, at scale across your environment leveraging osquery schema 

For more security best practices for Carbon Black Cloud please visit VMware Carbon Black TechZone here

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