Reverse Migration

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Next, we will perform reverse migration on the workload that was migrated to VMC on AWS in the previous section

Reverse Migration from VMC to On Premise

Click Migrate at the top to open the migration UI. We will reverse migrate the VMC on AWS SDDC-Datacenter back to your On-Prem Dallas data center. 

Confirm Reverse Migration

Check the Reverse Migration checkbox. This will query the remote site for resources available for reverse migration.

Group Name

Create a Group Name for the migration. Use the VM Name followed by -reverse-migration. A descriptive group name will make it easier to find the migration in the Migration list.

  • In the Login Credentials menu on the top right corner, click the copy icon next to VM Name
  • Paste the VM Name on the Group Name field by pressing CTRL+v (Windows) or  + v (macOS) on your keyboard
  • Type -reverse-migration following the VM Name

Please noteIf the group name already exists, add a number at the end to differentiate the new migration. If you are using a Safari browser, the copy icon in the Login Credentials menu will not work. The VM Name will need to be typed.

Search for Migration Workload

Paste or type in your username (For e.g. <your-username>_xxxx) on the search bar to search for your workload. 


Select your VM and click the ADD to continue. 


Please note: The username in the images is different from the username of your workload.

Compute Container

In the Workload Mobility pop-up, click the Mandatory: Compute Container to select the destination of the reverse migration.

Destination Compute Container

Pick the resource pool that starts with your username and click Select. 


Please note: The resource pool in the image is different from your username. 


Click Mandatory: Storage to select the destination datastore.

Destination Storage

Choose the storage device named VMC-HCX-NFS-IBM02SEV257150_5 and click Select

vMotion Reverse Migration

Select vMotion as the reverse migration type. The estimated time to reverse migrate a single VM using vMotion is 5 minutes


Please note: The VMware TestDrive environment is shared and the estimated time it takes to vMotion a VM is dependent on how many users are using the service simultaneously, the size of the VM, and available bandwidth.

Validate Migration

Click Validate to validate migration settings are successful. 

Start Reverse Migration

Click GO to kick start the reverse migration.

Start Reverse Migration

Click refresh in migration UI to update status. You can search for the new migration in the table by the Group Name (username-reverse-migration). Expand the migration and click the Graph box on the top right to see more details. 


Please note: The Group Name in the image is different from your username. 

Review Ping

Open Command Prompt to check the continuous ping of the workload. The continuous ping shows the workload remained online during the reverse migration. 

Confirm Migration in vCenter

Return to the vSphere Client to see your (For e.g.<your-username>_xxxx) workload running back in the original on-prem Dallas data center.  

This completes the demonstration please Mark As Complete and End Session at the top. 

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