Tanzu for Kubernetes Operations Overview

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Learn how Tanzu for Kubernetes Operations helps deploy, manage, secure, and observe Kubernetes-based platforms across multiple cloud environments. Tanzu for Kubernetes Operations is a bundle of products working together to help Operations manage Day 0 and beyond.

1. What is Tanzu for Kubernetes Operations?

VMware Tanzu for Kubernetes Operations is the foundation for building a modern container infrastructure at scale across all your clouds.

Tanzu for Kubernetes Operations allows operations teams to:

  • Automate creation of Complaint Kubernetes Clusters across Multiple Clouds via Tanzu Standard runtime (includes TKG runtime + supported OSS add-ons)
  • Enables Application Development teams self-service access to the Kubernetes API authenticated via Enterprise Identity using Tanzu Mission Control
  • Provides Operations teams automation to apply blanket Security policies to a fleet of clusters across multiple-clouds. Policies can be around container images, network, pod security or custom via Tanzu Mission Control
  • Ability to centrally monitor Kubernetes platform and application metrics using Tanzu Observability
  • Enable mTLS be default on all the services created using Tanzu Service Mesh
  • Help teams architect solutions using Tanzu Lab Services

2. Pre-requisites

When using the walkthrough, please do NOT create more than 1 Tanzu Kubernetes Cluster.

Also, we encourage everyone to use the My Documents folder located on the VMware Tanzu Horizon Desktop to store yaml files and container images. This folder is persistent which means that users can retrieve their stored application data across multiple sessions.

3. Accessing vSphere with Tanzu Demo

Once the login button is highlighted in blue, click GO! to start the experience.

As part of this experience, we will provision your TMC, TKGS, TSM  and TO accounts that are valid for 48 hours in a single session. Once the time expires, you can re-enable access by following the same method.

4. Login to VMware Horizon

Use the Testdrive Credentials provided in the Login Credentials menu on the top right corner to sign-in to VMware Horizon.

  1. Click the copy icon next to the username to copy
  2. Paste it on the Horizon username field by clicking on it, followed by pressing CTRL+v (Windows) or command + v (macOS) on your keyboard
  3. Next, click the copy icon next to the password to copy
  4. Paste it on the Horizon password field by clicking on it, followed by pressing CTRL+v (Windows) or command + v (macOS) on your keyboard
  5. Click Login to access

Other pasting options:

  • Windows: use right-click on your mouse/ trackpad and select Paste
  • macOS: press and hold the control key while you click the Horizon username/password field and select Paste

5. Launch VMware Tanzu Desktop

Once logged in, search for 'VMware Tanzu' on the Apps Tab and click on the Horizon  Desktop to launch it on your Browser. To launch the Desktop using Horizon Client, click on the Info (i) button and select the 'Client' option.

At this point you can begin the walkthrough steps listed next.

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