Backup and Upgrades Overview

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In this section, we will learn about the Backup and Upgrade features in Tanzu Mission Control

64. AWS Demo Cluster

Let's take a look at the backup and restore functions:

Click on Cluster > click 'aws-demo-cluster'

65. Data Protection

Click Data Protection tab

66. Backup Scheduled

This cluster already has a backup location defined by an operations person and backup has been scheduled

67. Restore Backup

To restore a backup, select one from the list and click Restore Backup

You will get an Access Denied error since your role does not have access to restore or take backups in Tanzu Mission Control

68. Upgrade with TMC

Tanzu Mission Control also provides an efficient way to upgrade Kubernetes versions of a managed workload/management cluster.

69. Click into Cluster Overview

Clicking into the cluster Overview, there will be an Upgrade button next to the Actions button.

70. Select Version to Upgrade

From there, you can select which version you wish to upgrade to.

Doing so will perform a rolling upgrade across the cluster, replacing a node at a time with the new version.

Your cloud native applications will have their pods rescheduled across the cluster as the rolling upgrade occurs.