Before You Begin

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This section will walk you through demo access methods and get you set up to perform the demo.

Launch VMware Horizon

Use the OPEN CONSOLE button to launch into VMware Horizon.

Log In to VMware Horizon

Your demo user account is in CREDENTIALS. Log in to VMware Horizon with your demo user account.

The TD-WINDOWS10 virtual desktop is your demo device for this demo flow. Find it and launch it.

Alternate Horizon App Demo

As an alternative to the default demo flow which uses the TD-WINDOWS10 virtual desktop, you can perform a Horizon app demo with Google Chrome, following the same actions outlined for the TD-WINDOWS10 desktop. 

However, this Horizon app demo is not specifically documented in this guide.

The demo will now proceed with TD-WINDOWS10.

Explore the Horizon Desktop

Now you should be accessing TD-WINDOWS10.

The desktops in the TD-WINDOWS10 pool have been deployed as non-persistent linked clones, configured with App Volumes writable volumes and Dynamic Environment Manager.

Explore the Windows 10 virtual desktop functionality and performance.

On TD-WINDOWS10, launch Chrome Browser.

Load the Anywhere Workspace SASE Pop Demo YouTube video in Chrome. Copy and paste this URL to the video:


More on this later. You may want to mute the video in the meantime.

Launch SD-WAN Orchestrator

Open a browser on TD-WINDOWS10's desktop and go to  https://testdrive.vidmpreview.com (You can copy and paste the URL.).

Log in with your demo credentials.

In Workspace ONE, go to Apps. Find VMware SD-WAN Orchestrator and launch it.  It's icon is as pictured.

You'll have read-only access. Keep it open as you'll go back into SD-WAN Orchestrator later.