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In this section, we will walk through the available methods to access the Demo

Browse to Workspace ONE User Portal

Open up a web browser and sign in to TestDrive's Workspace ONE user portal (https://testdrive.vidmpreview.com) with your TestDrive username and password. 


Click here for important user account information.

After authentication, go to Apps.

Go to categories > filter by Horizon.

Locate Desktop

In Workspace ONE, locate TD-WINDOWS10. 

Click the dots menu on TD-WINDOWS10 and add to favorites.

Launch from Client

Go to your favorites and you'll now see TD-WINDOWS10 placed there for quick access.  Move your cursor over the tile and click the dots. You'll be presented with a list of options, two of which are for Horizon:

  • Launch from Client
  • Launch from Browser

Click Launch from Client , which requires the VMware Horizon Client to be installed on your local machine. You'll be prompted to install the Horizon Client if you have not already. Horizon Client uses Blast Extreme as the default protocol and should be used for optimal performance. 

(Launch from Browser will use your browser to open the virtual desktop in a separate browser tab.)

Exploring Desktop

TD-WINDOWS10 will launch and your desktop should look like below.  


The desktops in the TD-WINDOWS10 pool have been deployed as non-persistent linked clones, configured with App Volumes writable volumes and Dynamic Environment Manager.

Explore the Windows 10 virtual desktop functionality and performance.

From within the Horizon Virtual Desktop, launch the Chrome browser and access the Anywhere Workspace SA SASE Pop Demo video hosted on YouTube. More on this later. You may want to mute the video in the meantime.

Alternate Method

As an alternative to the default demo flow which uses the TD-WINDOWS10 Virtual Desktop, you can perform a Horizon app demo with Google Chrome.  This expanded section explains how to do it.

In Workspace ONE, find the Google Chrome Horizon app and perform the same actions outlined for the Horizon desktop. 

Blocking Action

Ex. Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB) policy blocking Facebook.com:

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