SD-WAN QOE Overview


This section  talks about VMware SD-WAN and it's QoE capabilities


VMware SD-WAN is an important aspect of the user experience. To enhance the user experience when using Horizon Virtual Desktop and Applications, QoS is automatically applied to the traffic between the VDI or RDSH and the internal/external application. Time-sensitive traffic like voice and video are automatically identified and classified a high priority. VMware SD-WAN also automatically chooses the best path to the data center or SaaS and applies remediation for latency, jitter and packet loss induced from the Internet to enhance the user experience. 

Click the QoE tab. The tab shows how the application performed with and without VMware SD-WAN.  

Below is an example of SD-WAN QoE enhancements from another environment which illustrates dramatic discrepancies with and without SD-WAN. 

User experience without VMware SD-WAN

Below is a user experience example showing how 2% packet loss was seen without VMware SD-WAN.

User experience with VMware SD-WAN

Here's how  VMware SD-WAN improved the video conferencing quality

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