SASE for Anywhere Workspace Overview


With VMware SASE for Anywhere Workspace, VMware has combined the consistent, secure cloud application access functionality of VMware SD-WAN, Secure Access, and Cloud Web Security with the capability of Workspace ONE to allow only trusted devices and users to access applications hosted on-premises or in the cloud. 

Capabilities of SASE include:

  • Cloud-native, multi-tenant platform for on-ramp to public and private cloud.
  • Unified secure access for branch, campus, and mobile users.
  • Contextual access based on user identity, device location, and security posture.
  • Web and security policy control.

In this flow, you will walk through a SASE for Anywhere Workspace demo in the ready-to-use TestDrive environment.

Before You Begin

In order to complete a VMware Secure Access Walkthrough, you'll need the following:

  • A demo user account
  • A Windows 10 physical device or VM with rollback.
  • Access to the ready to use Workspace ONE UEM Console with Device Administrator at World Wide Enterprises role.
  • A Dropbox account. Any Dropbox account will do.


Hub-initiated enrollment is currently the recommended Windows enrollment method for a Windows device with an existing user profile. 

  1. One the device, launch the Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub (Hub).
  2. When prompted, enter your Workspace ONE enrollment email address to be automatically routed to testdrive.awmdm.com, choose the enrollment OG, and authenticate into Workspace ONE.
  3. Proceed through accepting all prompts until enrollment is completed.

    Enrollment email: <username>@vmtestdrive.com
    Organization Group:  Enterprise - Corporate Owned Demo
    Enrollment credentials:     TestDrive username  & password

Check your device in the Workspace ONE UEM console to verify that enrollment has completed.

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