Intelligent Hub Overview


Talking Points

  • VMware Workspace ONE is the enterprise platform that enables organizations to deliver a digital workspace that empowers users to securely bring the technology of their choice—devices and apps—without sacrificing productivity or security at a cost the business needs.
  • The Unified App Catalog transforms employee on-boarding. Simply accessing the Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub app on the PC (or any platform) provides employees with a complete, self-service enterprise app catalog that can be easily customized and branded for your organization.
  • Delivers any application from the latest mobile cloud apps to legacy enterprise apps. Simple, one-stop access to all apps: native, web, virtual desktops (VDI) and applications (RDSH).
    • Internal web apps through a secured browser
    • SaaS apps with SAML-based SSO and provisioning framework
    • Native public mobile apps through brokerage of public app stores
    • Modern Windows apps through the Windows Business Store
    • Legacy Windows apps through Windows app package delivery
  • Single Sign-On (SSO) that federates the most complex on-premises Active Directory topologies and support for multi-factor authentication, like RSA.

Workspace One Intelligent Hub

After enrollment, Workspace ONE Intelligence Hub automatically launches, preconfigured with the Workspace ONE Access tenant.

With Workspace ONE UEM managed authentication, the user's access into Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub is seamless. Manual user authentication is not required, but can be configured as a fallback method.

Proceed into Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub. Review the streamlined user access to all assigned apps: native, web, or virtual.

Once inside Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub, review the Categories under Apps showing how the apps are organized and easy to access.

Go over the rapid and seamless access Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub provides for VDI and RDSH under the Virtual Apps category.

Note the Windows Apps seen within the Catalog.  More details on those are coming up.

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