VMware SD-WAN Orchestrator


Talking Points

  • VMware SD-WAN is an integral part of the VMWare Secure Access.
  • As traffic integrates into the SD-WAN overlay, Dynamic Multipath Optimization (DMPO) benefits are applied, reducing latency, packet loss, and jitter while improving bandwidth utilization.
  • VMware SD-WAN also provides visibility into the applications accessed by the remote mobile users on their devices.

SD-WAN Orchestrator Overview

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After you successfully authenticate, the orchestrator console will look like below.


In Edges, go to Secure-Access-Edge > Applications tab.  All of the tunneled applications that are accessed by managed mobile devices are displayed. 

Filter your view to hone in on your performed demo activities by changing the following:

  • View Past 60 Minutes.
  • Select Destinations and FQDN.
  • In the bottom destination's list, select intranet.vmtestdrive.com.

Review Video Activity

Previously, you played this SASE video from the demo intranet site. You can see the activity spike caused by the high bandwidth activity of the HD video.

Activity is shown as a spike when the traffic hits the SD-WAN buffer. As SD-WAN optimizes the traffic, the spike subsides and resources are normalized.

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