CBC Cloud Walkthrough

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In this section, we will take a look at the CBC Cloud Console in detail

8. Login to Carbon Black Cloud

Launch the Carbon Black Cloud shortcut on your desktop as shown. You will be re-directed to the login page.

9. Carbon Black Cloud Demo Credentials

Login using the credentials listed in Demo Credentials.txt file located on your desktop.

  • Username:  (listed in text file Demo Credentials.txt on the VMware Tanzu desktop)
  • Password:  (listed in text file Demo Credentials.txt on the VMware Tanzu desktop)

10. Carbon Black Cloud Dashboard

The Carbon Black Cloud dashboard provides a high-level overview of your environment and enables you to quickly navigate to items of interest. You can customize the dashboard tiles and display data for specific time periods and policies.

11. Accessing K8s Clusters

Navigate to Inventory > Clusters to review current cluster management.

CBC Inventory provides Security teams with unified  insights across Endpoints, Workloads and Containers. Security teams are  able to view all protected and active clusters running within their  enterprise.

12. View Cluster Details

Open “Sensor health” TAB to view the health of all CB Container components running in your Kubernetes cluster.

13. Kubernetes Workloads

To assess K8s Workloads running within your environment navigate to Inventory > Workloads.

K8s Workloads monitor and provide information for each workload. You can view risk severity, if a workload is covered by K8s runtime and hardening policies, and if  there are any policy violations or enforcements. This helps remediate risks and fix  issues at a workload level in your K8s environment.

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