Violation Alert Generation

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In this section, we will compromise a container by gaining 'exec' access and generate violation alerts on CBC Cloud Console.

49. Compromising a Container

50. Create Local Proxy

Create a local proxy to reach the exposed dashboard service:

kubectl port-forward -n myapp service/dashboard 8080:8080

51. Launch myapp UI

Visit the dashboard by opening http://localhost:8080 on your browser from within the VMware Tanzu Horizon Desktop

52. List myapp Pod

Hit Ctrl + C twice to exit out of the running proxy.

List the myapp pod. Copy the App name (Highlighted in screenshot below) by using Right Click or Ctrl + C

kubectl get pods -n myapp

53. Access myapp Container

Replace <dashboard-name> in the below command with the App name copied in previous step

kubectl exec -it <dashboard-name> -n myapp -c dashboard -- bash

54. List running processes

List all running processes

ps aux

55. Exit myapp Container

Finally, let's exit out of the dashboard using the 'exit' command

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