Before you begin


This section talks about how to login and the pre-requisites before starting the Lab

Login Placeholder 1

DRAFT - When using the walkthrough, please do NOT create more than 1 Tanzu Kubernetes Cluster.

Also, we encourage everyone to use theMy Documents folder located on the VMware Tanzu Horizon Desktop to store yaml files and container images. This folder is persistent which means that users can retrieve their stored application data across multiple sessions.

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DRAFT - Your environment is currently being setup, watch the video to take a tour of the Carbon Black Container Security experience.

Once the login button is highlighted in blue, click GO! to start the experience.

As part of this experience, we will provision your TMC and TestDrive accounts that are valid for72 hoursin a single session. Once the time expires, you can re-enable access by following the same method.

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Use the Testdrive Credentials provided in the  Login Credentials menu on the top right corner to sign-in to VMware Horizon.

  1. Click the copy icon next to the username to copy
  2. Paste it on the Horizon username field by clicking on it, followed by pressing CTRL+v (Windows) or command + v (macOS) on your keyboard
  3. Next, click the copy icon next to the password to copy
  4. Paste it on the Horizon password field by clicking on it, followed by pressing CTRL+v (Windows) or command + v  (macOS) on your keyboard
  5. Click Login to access

Other pasting options:

  • Windows: use right-click on your mouse/ trackpad and select Paste
  • macOS: press and hold the control key while you click the Horizon username/password field and select Paste

Access NSX Security Desktop

Now you'll be on the NSX Security desktop. At this point you can begin the walkthrough steps listed in the next section.

Access NSX-T 3.2 Manager

The console is accessed through a supported supported web browser Chrome. Login to NSX-T Manager:

  • Click on NSX-Mgr AutoLogon shortcut on the Desktop. Shortcut will open the URL to NSX: https://dal-nsxmgr.nsx-sdfw.local/
  • Username/Password: Sign-in is automated, so please don't touch the keyboard/mouse during 15s of process. If you do so, please close all Chrome windows and reopen the link again.
  • In case you prefer using manual login, please click on NSX icon inside Lab Access folder and enter your Testdrive credential@vmtestdrive.com / password.

Prerequisites for Ransomware Lab

In the lab, to simulate an enterprise environment, the following VMss have been deployed: a VDI Desktop and a production data base server.  These two VMs are connected to NSX-T overlay segments.

Prerequisites for Ransomware Lab (contd.)

A supplementary VM has been deployed to play the role of an attacker, an external resource from where the attacks are initiated. This VM is attached to a VLAN type port group to a virtual distributed switch. Agent operating system (OS) type and roles are as shown above.

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