Introduction and Before you Begin

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Horizon Cloud on Microsoft Azure is the lowest-cost approach to deploying Windows 10 virtual desktops and apps from Azure with all the enterprise-class capabilities of VMware Horizon. From a single cloud-based console, you can deploy and manage desktops wherever they are–on-premises or in Azure–with cloud-native features like application, user environment, and power management, plus much more.

In this quick walkthrough we're going show you how to access and navigate the Horizon Cloud on Microsoft Azure Universal Console


  • Login to the console and explore the following sections
  • Search for Users and Virtual Machines
  • Access the monitoring dashboard to see status and user activity
  • View desktop and application assignments
  • View inventory for applications, virtual machines, and image publishing

1. Click GO

Once the login button is highlighted in blue, click GO! to start the experience.

Select Digital Workspace

This TestDrive experience requires an additional browser for the live environment to open and run on.


Click on 'OPEN CONSOLE' to launch the Horizon Cloud on Microsoft Azure Universal Console in a new window.