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VMware Workspace ONE Intelligence with Carbon Black provides a modern, cloud-based enterprise security approach to secure users and endpoints.  To manage risks related to modern-day cyber threats, Workspace ONE Intelligence with Carbon Black combines insights from Workspace ONE, an intelligence-driven digital workspace platform, with Carbon Black to deliver predictive and automated security in the digital workspace. 

Existing security tools provide IT with only limited visibility, focusing only on silos of security that provide legacy functionality. This results in a band-aid approach that impacts organizations with high-costs due to complexity and manual tasks involved in trying to secure a digital workspace.

Fortifying Intelligence, Carbon Black provides:

  • Single Agent, Cloud Platform - Carbon Black Defense is delivered through the CB Predictive Security Cloud, an endpoint protection platform that consolidates security in the cloud using a single agent, console and dataset.
  • Streaming Prevention with Minimal False Positives - Carbon Black Defense’s unique, data-driven prevention technology is certified to replace AV, using predictive modeling that identifies and stops more known and unknown threats including malware, fileless attacks, and ransomware. This technology eliminates the black magic typically associated with machine learning, minimizing misses and false positives.
  • Complete Endpoint Visibility - Carbon Black Defense gives you a clear, comprehensive picture of endpoint activity using unfiltered, tagged data that allows you to easily search and investigate endpoints, follow the stages of an attack, and identify root cause so you can close security gaps.
  • Improved Efficiency Between Security & IT Ops - Carbon Black Defense breaks down the walls between IT Operations and Security with simple workflows and built-in tools for live incident response, real-time investigations, and team collaboration. In addition, flexible policy configurations allow you to explicitly tailor your prevention, keeping users happy without compromising security. 
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