Section 3: Global Server Load Balancing (GSLB) Overview

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Global server loading balancing (GSLB) is the act of balancing an application’s load across instances of the application that have been deployed to multiple locations (typically, multiple data centers and/or public clouds). Application load at any one of those locations is usually managed by a “local” load balancer, which could be Avi Vantage or a third-party ADC solution.

GSLB Services

From the top left Hamburger Menu, click on Infrastructure -> GSLB. Here you can see the GSLB site configuration. There are 3 sites configured in our environment. You can see also the Subdomain delegated to the Controller. Other useful info such as the IP address of the site, software version and GSLB DNS listener are also displayed. Additionally, let's click on Geo Profile to view the GEO location DB applied.

GSLB Virtual Services

Next, we will take a look at GSLB Services by going to the top left Hamburger Menu again, and navigating to Applications -> GSLB Services.  Here we can see the GSLB services that have been created in support of the Horizon Deployment. Additionally we can also look at the Virtual Service that has been created that will act as the DNS listener.

GSLB Virtual Service Logs

Click on Virtual Services from the top horizontal menu and select Horizon_GSLB_DNS-VS Then click on Logs. Select Non-Significant and then De-select Significant Logs to look at the DNS requests that the listener has answered. More reading material on GSLB is available here.

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