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During this lab you will:

  • Learn about the simplified application management capabilities of App Volumes 4
  • Create an Application Package
  • Learn to use the stage and marker capabilities to streamline application lifecycle management
  • Assign Packages using new assignment types
  • Work with Writable Volumes

What is VMware App Volumes?

App Volumes is a real-time application delivery and lifecycle management tool. Enterprises use App Volumes to centrally manage applications that are deployed to desktops with virtual disks. App Volumes scales easily and cost effectively without compromising the end-user experience. Since the introduction of App Volumes 4, a new single-app packaging strategy makes it easier to package applications individually and deliver them in any combination. 

What are the key benefits of App Volumes 4?

  • Simplified application management Decouple package management from application delivery, enabling application owners and packagers to work freely and respond quickly to user requests. Application owners can manage the full lifecycle of an application by updating a new version and publishing it through a workflow.
  • Cost-optimized application delivery Provide more flexible delivery of applications to users, groups, and devices without changing the existing infrastructure, thereby reducing compute, network, and storage costs.
  • Seamless end-user experience Support fully customizable desktops with the option for end users to install their own applications on writable volumes. Users get a persistent user experience in a non-persistent environment.
  • Application lifecycle management Manage the entire application lifecycle, from initial installation, through updates and upgrades, to seamless replacement. Save time with single-point application deployment and management.
  • Image management Manage a common base image while also providing applications outside of the image to specific users and groups in an easily customized and componentized fashion.


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