Overview of Application Pools

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With application pools, you deliver a single, published application to many users. The application runs on a farm of RDS hosts.

Horizon automatically distributes client requests for the application among the RDS hosts in the farm. Therefore, it is important that all RDS hosts in the farm are configured the same way. Horizon Instant Clone technology is ideal for creating scalable RDS farms with identical configurations.

In this lesson, you will create an application pool using an existing Horizon farm: RDSH-01.

Application Pools

An application pool contains a single application and is associated with a single farm. To avoid errors, you must install the application on all of the RDS hosts in the farm. One of the benefits of using instant clones to create farms of RDS hosts is the assurance of a consistent configuration.

When you create an application pool, Horizon automatically displays the applications that are available on all the RDS hosts in the farm. You can select one or more applications from the list. If you select multiple applications from the list, a separate application pool is created for each application. You can also manually specify an application that is not on the list.

Horizon published applications can be accessed using VMware Blast, PCoIP, or HTML Access.

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