Create a VM Hosted Application Pool

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Beginning with Horizon 7.9, you are able to publish applications from a Windows 10 desktop pool using the same deployment and configuration process as you do for desktops.

We will walk through that process below.  First, we will edit the existing desktop pool and make it a desktop and application pool. Then we will add an application pool using the application discovered in the desktop pool.  

VM Hosted Application Use Cases

  • Windows 10 UWP Apps: these are the Universal Windows Platform Apps developed for Windows 10 that run on Windows 10 devices such as PC, Tablet, Xbox, HoloLens, Surface Hub and IoT Devices without the need to be rewritten for each
  • Applications and .NET framework version compatibility
  • Applications that don't behave well in RDSH
  • Applications that require special device support, where drivers may not run or be supported on RDSH
  • Applications that are only tested/certified on Windows 10
  • ISVs that require installed license & use reporting
  • Windows Virtual Desktop on Azure

Edit the IC Pool

Go back to the Horizon Console on Horizon-01.corp.local.

  1. Under Inventory, click on Desktops
  2. Click the check for the IC-Pool1 desktop pool
  3. Click on Edit

Click on Desktop Pool Settings

  1. Click on the Desktop Pool Settings tab

Edit Session Types

  1. Scroll down
  2. Under the General Section, Select Session Types and pick Desktop & Application
  3. Under Remote Settings, confirm Empty Session timeout is set to After = 1 minutes
  4. Click OK

Supported Session Types can be configured for the Desktop Pool. There are 3 options:

  • Desktop: only desktop sessions are supported
  • Application: only application sessions are supported
  • Desktop & Application: A Pool can be set to Application and Desktop session type, but they cannot be used at the same time

If you choose to support application sessions, then this desktop pool can be used to publish application pools.

Add VM Hosted Application Pool  

Next we are going to add an application from the desktop pool.

  1. Under Inventory on the left, Click on Applications
  2. Click on Add
  3. Select Add from Installed Applications

With Application Pools, you can deliver a single application to many users. The application runs on a farm of RDS Hosts or a desktop pool. You will add an application from a desktop pool here.

Select Desktop Pool

  1. Under Select RDS Farm or Desktop Pool, Select Desktop Pool. It will take a few seconds to populate the list of installed applications.
  2. Make sure IC-Pool1 is selected
  3. Type Wordpad into the filter box
  4. Check on the Wordpad app.
  5. Notice Entitle users after this wizard finishes is checked
  6. Click Next

Edit Application

  1. Change the Display name to WIN10Hosted-WordPad so you can distinguish this application coming from the IC Desktop pool.
  2. Click Submit

Add Entitlements

  1. Click on Add to add user to this pool

Find User for Domain Users

  1. In the Name/User Name field, type domain
  2. Click on Find
  3. Click the check next to Domain Users
  4. Click OK

Add Entitlement

  1. Click OK

Observe Application Pool Added

Notice that the WIN10Hosted-Wordpad was added and Pool or Farm is listed as Instant Clone Pool. You may have to scroll down to see it in the list.

Launch VMware Horizon Client

  1. In Firefox, open a new tab
  2. From the favorites bar, click VMware Horizon
  3. Click on VMware Horizon HTML Access

Login to VMware Horizon

Login to VMware Horizon

  1. User name: user1mod3
  2. Password: VMware1!
  3. Click on Login

Launch Windows 10 Hosted App

  1. Notice the WIN10Hosted-Wordpad application. This is the one we just created.
  2. Also notice the Instant Clone Pool is present as well since we chose the Desktop and Application session type.
  3. Click on the WIN10Hosted-WordPad application to launch it 

Review Application

Notice that the application launched and looked exactly like an RDSH hosted application.  

Delete the IC Application Pool

We will delete the IC Application Pool so that it doesn't interfere with the modules that follow this. Switch back to the Horizon Administrator tab in Firefox.

  1. Under Inventory, Click on the Applications
  2. Select the WordPad application
  3. Click Delete

Confirm Delete

  1. Confirm delete of the Application pool, click on OK

Edit Desktop Pool

We need to modify IC-Pool1 to be only a desktop pool for the next modules.

  1. Under Inventory, click on Desktops
  2. Click the Checkbox to select the IC-Pool1
  3. Click Edit

Change to Desktop Session Type

We will change the Session Type back to Desktop only for the remainder of this lab.

  1. Click on Desktop Pool Settings
  2. Under Session Types, Click on Desktop
  3. Click OK
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