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Where to Start?

Now that you understand the Horizon Cloud Service - next gen offering, next you'll want to make sure you are familiar with the resources that are available to help you deploy, manage and troubleshoot your Horizon Cloud deployment.

TechZone, at https://techzone.vmware.com, contains everything from simple getting started articles all the way to advanced topics and reference architecture designs. Additionally, the official VMware documentation for each product is important as well, not only for your understanding but also to ensure that you follow VMware best practice configurations and guidance. Below is a list of favorites that you should bookmark to get you started.

  1. Horizon Cloud Service - next gen Documentation
  2. Release Notes
    (You will always need to check the release notes for the deployment version you are using)
  3. Requirements Checklist 
    (Prerequisites to ensure a smooth deployment of all components, VMware and Azure)
  4. Onboarding Guide for Horizon Cloud Next-Gen
  5. How to file a support request