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Note: It may take more than 90 minutes to complete this lab. You should expect to only finish 2-3 of the modules during your time.  The modules are independent of each other so you can start at the beginning of any module and proceed from there. You can use the Table of Contents to access any module of your choosing.

The Table of Contents can be accessed in the upper right-hand corner of the Lab Manual.

Horizon Cloud Services - next gen:

This lab explores the VMware Horizon Cloud Service that delivers feature-rich virtual desktops and applications using a purpose-built cloud platform that is scalable across multiple deployment options, including fully managed infrastructure from VMware and public cloud infrastructure from Microsoft Azure. The service supports a cloud-scale architecture that makes it easy to deliver virtualized Windows desktops and applications to any device, anytime. And, with a flexible subscription model, organizations can easily get up and running and scale quickly

Lab Module List:

Lab Principals:

  • Vernon Lihou, Senior Lead SME DWS, Solution Engineering, United Kingdom

Lab Captains: 

  • Nathan Smith, Staff Solution Engineer EUC, USA
  • John Kramer, Staff Solution Engineer | EUC SME, USA

Associate Lab Captains:

  • Colby Mooney, Senior Customer Success Specialist Engineer, USA

Special thanks:

Bill Call & Mark McGill for outstanding support!

This lab manual can be downloaded from the Hands-on Labs Document site found here:


This lab may be available in other languages.  To set your language preference and have a localized manual deployed with your lab, you may utilize this document to help guide you through the process:


Self-Guided Workshop Video

If you're interested in a self-guided workshop, we have a recording of the experts who created the lab! If you'd like to view and follow along, please click the link to open it in a new tab. You can then detach it into a separate window and proceed at your own pace.

Location of the Main Console

Location of the Main Console
  1. The area in the left box contains the Main Console and will not be used for the duration of this Simulated Lab.  The Lab Manual is on the tab to the Right of the Main Console.
  2. Use the black bar within the MANUAL section to drag the reading pane open or close to give you more or less desktop space.
  3. Your lab starts with 90 minutes on the timer.  The lab can not be saved.  All your work must be done during the lab session.  But you can click the EXTEND to increase your time.  If you are at a VMware event, you can extend your lab time twice, for up to 30 minutes.  Each click gives you an additional 15 minutes.  Outside of VMware events, you can extend your lab time up to 9 hours and 30 minutes. Each click gives you an additional hour.
  4. Use the Hands-on Labs assistant for quick answers, live online support, connectivity issues and many more FAQ's.