Getting Started with Horizon Cloud Service - next gen

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Getting started with VMware Horizon Cloud Next-Gen can be accomplished in a few steps:

Find your Welcome Invite

  • Find your "Welcome Invite" to access the Horizon Service. It should look similar to the example shown below. You will use the single use link in the email to redeem the Horizon Next-Gen Service and get it connected to the VMware Cloud Services(CSP) portal.
Welcome Invite example email

Create or Select VMware Cloud Services Organization

  • Next you will either create a Cloud Services Portal Organization or choose an existing organization that your company has already setup.
Select or Create Organization

Workspace ONE Cloud Services

  • Once your logged into the Cloud Services portal you should see Workspace ONE Cloud in your list of services. If you click Launch Services from the Workspace One tile this will launch you into the Workspace One Cloud service which is where you will gane access to your Horizon Cloud Subscription Services.
Workspace One Service

In the next step we will launch an Interactive Simulation to show how we get logged into the VMware Cloud Services Portal located at https://console.cloud.vmware.com

Proceed to the next step to get started with the Simulation.