Integrate Horizon and App Volumes Manager

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To access published applications on demand, you add one or more VMware App Volumes Managers to Horizon Console, associate it with a farm, select applications and add user and group entitlement. In this section you will complete the integration between Horizon and App Volumes Manager



Login to Horizon

To login to the Horizon Manager:

  1. Select Region A from the bookmarks bar
  2. Select Horizon Admin A
  3. Enter Username: Administrator
  4. Enter Password: VMware1!
  5. Click Sign In

Add an App Volumes Manager Server

  1. Expand Settings
  2. Click Servers
  3. Click App Volumes Managers
  4. Click Add

Enter App Volumes Manager Details

  1. In Server Address, enter appvol-01a.corp.vmbeans.com
  2. Confirm the port is 443
  3. In User Name, enter corp\administrator
  4. In Password, enter VMware1!
  5. Click OK

Associate App Volumes Manager to RDS Farm

  1. Expand Inventory
  2. Select Farms
  3. Check the box for RDSH-01
  4. Select More Commands
  5. Select Associate App Volumes Manager

Select the App Volumes Manager

  1. Select appvol-01a.corp.vmbeans.com
  2. Click OK

Login to App Volumes Manager

To login to the App Volumes Manager:

  1. Open the Region A shortcut folder
  2. Click on App Volumes Manager A shortcut
  3. Enter Username: Administrator
  4. Enter Password: VMware1!
  5. Click Login

Edit Filezilla Application

  1. Select Inventory
  2. Select Packages
  3. Expand Filezilla 3.64.0
  4. Click Edit

Change Delivery Type

As Filezilla was originally packaged as Classic we will change the Delivery Type to On-demand. Note that in production you could have created this as On-demand initially.

  1. Select On-demand radio button
  2. Click Save
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