Publish Apps On Demand

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Now we have integration between Horizon and App Volumes is configured you are ready to publish an Apps On Demand Application.


Return to Horizon Administrator

  1. Switch to the Horizon Administrator tab in Firefox
  2. Under Inventory, select Applications
  3. Click Add
  4. Click Add from App Volumes Manager

Publish Filezilla

  1. Check the box next to Filezilla Client
  2. Click Next

Submit changes

  1. Click Submit

Add Entitlement

  1. Click Add

Find user

  1. In Name/User Name, type user1mod6
  2. Click Find
  3. Select the checkbox for User1Mod6
  4. Click OK

Select User1 Mod6

  1. Confirm that User1 Mod6 is selected
  2. Click OK

Launch Horizon Client from Desktop

  1. On the Desktop, double-click to launch the Horizon Client

Connect to Horizon A server

  1. Launch the connection to horizon-01a.corp.vmbeans.com

Login to Horizon

  1. Enter user1mod6 as the username
  2. Enter VMware1! as the password

Launch Filezilla Client

  1. Double-click to launch Filezilla Client

Review attachment

  1. Return to the App Volumes Manager Tab in Firefox
  2. Select Inventory
  3. Select Attachments
  4. Note that Filezilla Assignment type is Horizon compared to the Direct assignment of VLC
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