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This walkthrough will enable you to get hands on with Carbon Black Cloud XDR. The XDR Threat Hunting Lab contains attacks that you can run live in a test environment to see how prevention and visibility work in the Carbon Black Cloud solution suite. 

Self-Guided Workshop Video

If you're interested in a self-guided workshop, we have a recording of the experts who created the lab! If you'd like to view and follow along, please click the link to open it in a new tab. You can then detach it into a separate window and proceed at your own pace.

Introduction to Carbon Black XDR

VMware Carbon Black XDR goes beyond the endpoint to see more and stop more. This extended detection and response (XDR) solution deploys with no changes to infrastructure and unifies security tools to enhance visibility into every packet and process. Carbon Black XDR is one agent, one console, one platform, which:

  • Transforms a fleet of endpoints into a distributed network sensor
  • Delivers pervasive visibility across endpoints, networks, workloads, and users in an open scalable ecosystem
  • Reduces blind spots that leave attackers nowhere to hide

Carbon Black XDR includes key elements: Identity Intelligence, Network Visibility, and IDS observations. Learn more about each of this by visiting the Carbon Black XDR Product Path on TechZone.