ISim Notes: First Login - Shared Setup (DO NOT PUBLISH)

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This part of the lab is presented as a Hands-on Labs Interactive Simulation. This will allow you to experience steps which are too time-consuming or resource intensive to do live in the lab environment. In this simulation, you can use the software interface as if you are interacting with a live environment.

The orange boxes show where to click, and the left and right arrow keys can also be used to move through the simulation in either direction.

The steps below guide you through logging in to the Cloud Services Portal (CSP) for the first time, to begin:

  1. Click on the Email address field 
  2. Type [email protected]
  3. Click Next
  4. Click on the Password field
  5. Type VMware1!
  6. Click SIGN IN

The Horizon Cloud Service - next gen is part of the larger Workspace ONE Service. After logging in to the Cloud Services Portal:

  1. Click LAUNCH SERVICE, to see all Workspace ONE Services
  2. Then under Horizon Cloud Service, click MANAGE
  3. Select United States. Note that this is not just selecting a language, you are selecting the region that your Horizon Cloud Service will run in.
  4. Click to accept the Terms and Conditions
  5. Click SAVE & CONTINUE
  6. Under Next-Gen Horizon Control Plane, click SELECT to choose the Next-Gen Control Plane. In most cases Next-Gen will be used, review the note in the Horizon Control Plane section to determine if you may need the classic Control Plane.
  7. Click CONTINUE

To return to the lab manual, click the link in the upper corner.