Add additional users to CSP and modify roles.

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Before delving into Horizon Cloud Next-Gen's exciting features, let's address roles and permissions in the Cloud Services Portal. This step aligns console administrators with specific responsibilities, ensuring proper access and preventing unauthorized actions.

Adjusting roles and permissions lets you tailor an administrative structure to suit your virtual environment's diverse tasks. This maintains control over critical actions while granting effective management privileges.

For example, roles can target tasks like image management, user provisioning, or performance monitoring. Assigning these roles to administrators keeps them focused within their defined scope.

This approach streamlines workflows, enhances security, and fosters organized management for an optimized Horizon Cloud Next-Gen experience.

As you explore new features, establish these roles and permissions in the Cloud Services Portal. This proactive step sets the stage for a secure administrative framework, maximizing advanced capabilities while maintaining control.

In the next step we will add a user and modify their roles.