Hands-on Labs Interactive Simulation: Create and modify console admin roles

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This part of the lab is presented as a Hands-on Labs Interactive Simulation. This will allow you to experience steps which are too time-consuming or resource intensive to do live in the lab environment. In this simulation, you can use the software interface as if you are interacting with a live environment.

Click the button below to start the simulation!

[ICEMAN replace="isim" url="https://docs.hol.vmware.com/hol-isim/hol-2024/vlp-isim-player.htm?isim=HOL-2451-02-DWS-CSP-Invite-and-Create-User-Role.2.final.json"][/ICEMAN]

[ICEMAN replace="isim-vlp" console="HOL-2451-02-ISM_mod2b"][/ICEMAN]

You can hide the manual to use more of the screen for the simulation.

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NOTE: When you have completed the simulation, click on the Manual tab to open it and continue with the lab.

[vlp:close-panel|manual|Close Instructions Panel]