Exploring Horizon Cloud Service - next gen Identity Components

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The Horizon Cloud Service – next-gen platform introduces a distinct separation between user identity and machine identity components. This separation provides flexibility in selecting and implementing identity solutions, contributing to the security and functionality of the platform. In this lab section, we will delve deeper into the significance of this separation and the identity solutions supported by Horizon Cloud Service – next-gen.

User Identity Component:

One crucial aspect of the Horizon Cloud Service – next-gen is its integration with external user identity providers. These providers authenticate and validate the identity of users accessing the platform. Currently, two primary providers are supported:

Microsoft Azure Active Directory (Azure AD): Horizon Cloud Service – next-gen seamlessly integrates with Azure AD to establish a secure and trusted user identity verification process. This allows users to access their virtual desktops and applications with the assurance of strong authentication.

VMware Workspace ONE Access: The platform also supports integration with VMware Workspace ONE Access, offering an alternative user identity solution that aligns with your organization's preferences and requirements.

Machine Identity Component:

Horizon Cloud Service – next-gen employs a directory-based approach to manage the identity of virtual machines created for virtual desktops and applications. This machine identity component is vital for seamless and secure operation. Currently, the following identity solutions are supported:

Microsoft Active Directory: The integration with Microsoft Active Directory ensures efficient management of virtual machine identities, enhancing the overall user experience.

Azure Active Directory: Similar to the user identity component, Horizon Cloud Service – next-gen supports Azure AD for managing machine identities, providing a comprehensive and consistent identity solution.


Understanding the separation of user and machine identity components within Horizon Cloud Service – next-gen is fundamental for implementing a secure and efficient virtual desktop and application environment. By supporting a variety of identity solutions, the platform offers flexibility while maintaining its commitment to security and functionality. In the upcoming lab exercises, we will explore the setup and configuration of these identity components to ensure a smooth and productive Horizon Cloud Service experience.

In the next step we will walk through the Domain Registration setup for an Active Directory domain to be used for Machine Identity.