Horizon Cloud on Azure Edge Deployment

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In this lab segment, we will delve into the concept of Horizon Edges, which define instances of Horizon capacity within the Horizon Control Plane. These instances are established in specific physical locations or regions and can be subdivided into blocks to facilitate scalability. The implementation of a Horizon Edge varies based on the type of capacity provider utilized for the instance. Our focus will be on the Horizon Cloud Service and its associated Horizon Edge Deployment.

Horizon Edge Deployment:

A Horizon Edge Deployment involves the deployment of Horizon capacity into the customer's resource allocation within a supported cloud-native provider. This occurs in a designated primary provider and a chosen site. The deployment employs a lean edge infrastructure, composed of key components:

Horizon Edge Gateway: This element facilitates secure communication and connectivity between different components of the Horizon Edge.

Unified Access Gateways: These gateways provide unified access and load balancing, ensuring efficient distribution of traffic.

Load Balancers: Load balancers play a crucial role in evenly distributing workloads across various components, enhancing performance and resilience.

Networking Considerations:

To enable seamless communication among the components, proper networking configuration within the infrastructure provider is essential. This ensures effective collaboration and data exchange, optimizing the delivery of desktops and applications to users. Within the provider's environment, user capacity is allocated for various functions, including hosting image templates, desktop pools, and published applications.

Flexibility in Capacity Provisioning:

The Horizon Edge can be provisioned with capacity from the initial provider selected during the Horizon Edge creation. Alternatively, secondary providers can be integrated to facilitate scalability. The incorporation of secondary providers enables dynamic scaling of resources, accommodating varying workloads and demands. For a comprehensive understanding of capacity providers, refer to the dedicated section on Capacity Providers.


Exploring Horizon Edge Deployments provides insights into the intricate architecture and setup of Horizon capacity instances within the Horizon Control Plane. By comprehending the components and their roles, as well as the networking considerations and capacity provisioning options, you'll be better equipped to design and manage efficient and scalable desktop and application delivery environments. The subsequent lab exercise will guide you through practical aspects of Horizon Edge Deployment to enhance your hands-on expertise.