Home Sites

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Here, we'll explore the significance of Home Sites in optimizing resource delivery and user experience. By configuring these sites effectively, you'll create an efficient virtual workspace environment. Let's dive into the essentials of Home Sites.

Home Sites Defined:

Horizon Cloud Home Sites represent physical locations or data centers where one or more Horizon Edges are logically grouped. These sites determine where end users receive resources, enhancing resource allocation and user satisfaction.

Key Benefits:

Logical Edge Grouping: Home Sites logically group Horizon Edges, streamlining administration and resource management.

Enhanced User Experience: Configuring HomeSites improves user experience by connecting them to the nearest or most suitable Horizon Edge, reducing latency.

Controlled User Brokering: These sites allow precise user brokering control based on locality and home site, optimizing performance and resource availability.

In the next step we will add a couple users to specific sites and configure a new site.