Import image from Azure Marketplace

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Welcome to the lab module on managing golden images and image publishing within your Horizon Edge deployments. Golden images serve as the foundation for creating desktop pools and RDS server farms, playing a vital role in your virtual workspace environment. This module will guide you through the process of creating, customizing, and publishing golden image versions using the Horizon Image Management Service. Let's delve into the details of managing and leveraging golden images within your cloud-managed edge deployments.

Creating and Customizing Golden Images:

Horizon Image Management Service: The Horizon Image Management Service is a powerful tool for creating, customizing, and publishing golden image versions across your cloud-managed edge deployments. Utilize this service to craft tailored images that meet your organization's requirements.

Image Import and Customization: In Horizon Edge deployments on cloud-native providers, you can import a suitable image through platform cloud services. Once imported, customize the image to align with your specific needs, preparing it for use in pool and farm creation.

Publishing Golden Images:

Image Publication Process: When your customized image is ready to use, publish it to the Horizon Edges where it will be utilized. This action involves copying the image to each provider within the edge, making it accessible for creating virtual machine pools on that edge and any assigned provider capacity.

Agent Installation and Configuration: As part of the image publishing process, essential agents such as the Horizon Agent, Dynamic Environment Manager FlexEngine, and App Volumes agent are installed and configured. Your selections during this process define the behavior and capabilities of these agents.

Azure-Based Horizon Edge Deployments:

Azure Image Import: For Horizon Edge deployments on Azure, you can import a virtual machine image from various sources, including the Microsoft Azure Marketplace, Azure Compute Gallery, or a custom Azure VM.

Remote Image Customization: Following import, you can remotely connect to the image and implement changes, including the installation of applications, tailoring the image to your organization's requirements.


Understanding the management of golden images and image publishing is essential for creating efficient and customized virtual workspace environments. By mastering the creation, customization, and publishing of golden images using the Horizon Image Management Service, you'll optimize resource utilization and enhance the user experience. As you proceed with the lab exercises, you'll gain practical experience in these processes, enabling you to proficiently manage golden images within your Horizon Edge deployments.