Image Replication to other Edges

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In the realm of Horizon Cloud Next-Gen deployments, the concept of image replication emerges as a powerful strategy to optimize resource distribution and enhance user experience. When operating with multiple Horizon Edges spanning different geographic regions, the utilization of image replication offers distinct advantages. This module will delve into the intricacies of image replication within Horizon Cloud Next-Gen, shedding light on its significance and implementation across various sites.

The Dynamics of Image Replication:

In a Horizon Cloud Next-Gen environment characterized by multiple Horizon Edges dispersed across diverse regions, the need for efficient image management becomes pronounced. Image replication provides a solution by enabling the duplication of images across different sites. This replication process creates mirror images of a golden image or a customized template, ensuring their availability and accessibility within different geographic locations.

Key Benefits of Image Replication:

Enhanced Resource Availability: Image replication fosters a scenario where resources, in the form of replicated images, are readily accessible across distinct Horizon Edges. Users in various regions can benefit from faster access to the required images, thereby boosting performance and responsiveness.

Geographic Redundancy: By replicating images across different sites, organizations achieve a level of geographic redundancy. In the event of an outage or localized issue impacting one site, users can seamlessly access replicated images from other locations, mitigating disruptions and ensuring continuous service availability.

Load Distribution: Image replication supports load distribution by allowing users to access images from the nearest Horizon Edge. This approach reduces latency and optimizes user experience by intelligently directing resource requests to the most suitable site.

Implementation and Operational Aspects:

Configuration of Replication: Setting up image replication involves defining the source image and the target sites where replication will occur. Horizon Cloud Next-Gen provides a streamlined process for configuring and managing this replication, ensuring images are synchronized across sites.

Image Version Control: Replicated images are maintained as versions of the original golden image or customized template. This version control enables administrators to manage and update images systematically, ensuring consistency and compliance.

Resource Access Policies: Administrators have the flexibility to define resource access policies, determining which users and groups can access replicated images from specific Horizon Edges. This granular control enhances security and ensures resource availability to designated users.


Understanding and leveraging image replication within Horizon Cloud Next-Gen deployments empowers organizations to optimize resource distribution and enhance user satisfaction across diverse geographic regions. By replicating images, you establish a robust framework for resource availability, geographic redundancy, and load distribution. As you navigate through the lab exercises, you'll gain practical insights into setting up and managing image replication, equipping you with the skills to create a seamless and resilient virtual workspace environment in Horizon Cloud Next-Gen.