NSX 4.1 Advanced Security Lab Walkthrough

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Your enterprise can now deploy VMware NSX Security as a standalone security product, deploying it in an existing environment with no changes to your network. NSX provides strong, multi-cloud, easy-to-operationalize network defenses that secure application traffic within and across clouds. NSX  makes it easier for you to enable Zero Trust application access across multi-cloud environments—so you can secure traffic across applications and individual workloads with security controls that are consistent, automated, attached to the workload, and elastic in scale. 

In this NSX Advanced Security Lab, you'll get hands-on experience with NSX Advanced Threat Prevention features such as Network Traffic Analysis , NSX Intelligence, Malware Prevention, Network Detection and Response, Intrusion Detection and Prevention System, DFW micro-segmentation, and more.  This lab is intended for intermediate to advanced-level users exploring VMware NSX security use cases, helping you to explore security concepts and plan with NSX 4.1.