Conclusion and Additional Resources

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This concludes our NSX Advanced Security Lab walkthrough.


This NSX Advanced Security Lab walked us through the advanced ransomware protection with scaling in production journey. We started with NSX Intelligence to see full Application and Network traffic visibility (Day 1 Ops), then showed how we can easily apply NSX DFW Rule Recommendations and IDPS for full micro-segmentation thus protecting east-west traffic (day 2 Ops) then brought all latest technologies of NSX ATP Advanced Threat Prevention (NTA, NDR, Sandboxing) along with NSX plugin for Aria Operations for Logs to strengthen Ransomware protection running across Clouds. We finish this lab with full North/south protection with NSX Gateway Firewall.

We hope you've enjoyed walking through NSX 4.1 Security in this Test Drive lab. Please stay tuned for future labs to learn more.