Horizon Linux Developer Desktop


In this quick walkthrough we're going to demo how to run Horizon Linux VDI Developer Desktop using Eclipse by completing the following steps:

Walkthrough Summary

  • Log in to a Horizon Linux Virtual Desktop.
  • Launch the Eclipse application
  • Find the calculator project
  • Run the calculator project and perform a simple calculation
  • Close the calculator
  • Close the Eclipse application

In order to perform the full end-to-end demo make sure you have the following:

  • A valid account in the VMware TestDrive environment, sign up here if you don't
  • Network access from your device and TCP ports 80, 443 and 4172 & UDP 4172 enabled
  • An appropriate Horizon client installed on your device
  • An appropriate web browser (such as Google Chrome) installed on your device

Let's get started, open up your favorite web browser and get sign into the Horizon Workspace Portal



Once you're logged in and at the Horizon Workspace Portal home screen, you will see Bookmarks and Catalog tabs on the top of the page like below screen shot.

All the apps will appear here.


Click Catalog tab and find <region>-rhel (i.e amer-rhel) icon and open from there through Horizon client. You can bookmark that icon so that in future you will have that always in your Bookmarks tab.


In the search field, type in <region>-rhel (i.e. amer-rhel) to find from there as well


 Click Bookmarks tab and that icon is showing up (i.e amer-rhel) in bookmarks list of apps.


Click on Amer-RHEL68 and it will open from Horizon client. You can open it from Bookmarks tab as  above screen shot shows.

Click three dots on top right corner of that amer-rhel desktop pool icon and it will give you options to open that from your choice for instance open in client or open in Browser.


After open it through client, you will get prompted for login screen to get into that desktop pool

Log in using your Linux Desktop credentials. The password is: vmware 

On the Linux Desktop, launch the "eclipse" application.

Expand and highlight calculator/src/(defaultpackage)/calculator java, and click the run button.

Minimize the eclipse application and perform a simple calculation.

Close the calculator, then close the eclipse application. 

End of Demo.

Here is a quick recap of what we just did:

  • Logged in to a Horizon Linux Virtual Desktop.
  • Launched the Eclipse application
  • Found the calculator project
  • Ran the calculator project and performed a simple calculation
  • Closed the calculator
  • Closed the Eclipse application
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