iOS - Supervising Your iOS Device

In this quick walkthrough we're going to show you how to supervise your iOS device for additional capabilities in the TestDrive Workspace ONE UEM (formerly VMware AirWatch) environment. 


  • Download Apple Configurator 2 to your Mac OS X machine
  • Connect your iOS device to your Mac OS X machine via a lightning cable
  • Supervise the iOS device via Apple Configurator 2

Before You Begin

In order to complete this process please make sure you have the following:

  • An unsupervised iOS device
    • Ensure "Find my iPad/iPhone" is off under Settings > iCloud > Find my iPad/iPhone.
    • You can check if the device is supervised already by navigating to Settings > General > About. If the device is already supervised a message similar to "This iPad is supervised by ___" will appear under the name section.
    • Note: This process will factory reset the device removing all information. Please use a device you are comfortable factory resetting.
  • Lightning Cable
  • Mac OS X machine



First, open the App Store on your Mac and install Apple Configurator 2. 


Next, connect your iOS device to your machine with a lightning cable. You may need to select "Trust this Computer" on the iOS device. 


Open Apple Configurator 2 on your OS X device and ensure your iOS device shows up in the "All Devices" section in Apple Configurator 2. 


Double click your device in the device list view to open the detail view and select "Prepare" from the top menu.


Next, we will walk through the Apple Configurator 2 settings prompts. Select "Manual" for the configuration method. Check off "Supervise devices".


Choose "Do not enroll in MDM" for this scenario so that you are able to enroll and unenroll your device into multiple environments and enrollment flows. If prompted to enter an Apple ID at this time, select "Skip".


Choose or create the organization of your choice for the device. Once the device is supervised a message will state "This iPad is supervised by {Organization Name}" in the device settings.


Choose the iOS Setup Assistant prompts you would like the device to display after it has been factory reset and select "Prepare".


If your device was not out of the box and had been previously configured you will need to select to erase and prepare the device. This process will factory reset the device so ensure you are using a device that can be reset.


Apple Configurator will take a few moments to configure the device.


After the configuration is complete the device will power on with the "Hello" message. Complete the initial prompts including connecting to wifi, configuring an Apple ID, etc until you reach the home page.


Finally, you can confirm your device is supervised by navigating to Settings. The organization name that was chosen in Apple Configurator will display in the supervision message at the top.



Walkthrough Summary

  • Download Apple Configurator 2 to your Mac OS X machine
  • Connect your iOS device to your Mac OS X machine via a lightning cable
  • Supervise the iOS device via Apple Configurator 2


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