Windows Desktop - Recommended Enrollment

There's more than one way to enroll a PC already running Windows 10 into VMware AirWatch—however, only one is currently recommended.  Below are the two most common methods; one recommended, one not.


Windows 10 desktop enrollment using the AirWatch agent is Product Management's recommended enrollment method.  It's described in the "enrollment" section of this guide and highlighted here:

  1. On the Windows 10 desktop device, browse to
  2. Download and run the agent.
  3. Initiate enrollment using your TestDrive email address for AirWatch auto-discovery: <username>@<organization>

Not Recommended

Alternatively—but not recommended—Windows 10 desktops may be enrolled through native enrollment.  If you choose to enroll natively, from Windows 10 setting's "access work or school," choose the bottom option, "enroll only in device management."  DO NOT choose "Connect."  Per Microsoft design, choosing "Connect" initiates enrollment via Azure Active Directory (for Intune management).  

After choosing "enroll only in device management," you'll need to manually input the enrollment sever:  Proceed through enrollment, then wait for the AirWatch Agent to successfully install and report to the AirWatch console.

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