Experience Workspace ONE on MacOS

Workspace ONE is a digital workspace platform that simply and securely delivers and manages any app on any device by integrating access control, application management and multi-platform endpoint management. Follow the steps below to experience Workspace ONE hands on with an iOS device.


Before You Begin

Before you begin this walkthrough ensure you have the following: 

  • A valid account in the VMware TestDrive environment, sign up here if you do not yet have an account

Section 1: Registering your MacOS Device

Ensure you're starting with an unenrolled MacOS device. First, open your browser and navigate to awagent.com.

Click to download the AirWatch agent for MacOS and launch the AirWatchAgent.dmg file once it has downloaded.

Double click to open the installer.

Next, you will need to walk through the installer for the agent. Click continue and read the term required to install the AirWatch agent.

Now that the AirWatch agent is installed, the enrollment wizard will launch on the device. We will choose to authenticate with email address by clicking "Email" at the bottom.

Next, enter your TestDrive email address. 

What's my TestDrive email address?

If you're unsure what your TestDrive email address is, you can verify this in the TestDrive portal by following the steps below:

  1. Login to portal.vmtestdrive.com with your username and password
  2. Click on the dropdown next to Workspace ONE to view your credentials
  3. Here you will find your TestDrive email address


Enter your email address and click "Continue". 

 Next, you will select the demo flow in which you would like to enroll. For this demo select Enterprise - EMM Demo.

Now that we have initiated enrollment, we have to authenticate our username against Workspace ONE to ensure we are entitled to enroll into AirWatch. Enter your testdrive username and password and click "Sign In".

The enrollment will complete and you will see the "Congratulations!" screen. Now you can choose to close the enrollment wizard or open the AirWatch agent. At this point configurations will begin to install on the device. Click "Quit" to return to the device desktop.

Now you will notice configurations are starting to apply to the device. First, the dock will move to the left side of the screen as was configured by the AirWatch admin. Additionally, you will see the Workspace ONE, Privacy, and app catalog icons added to the dock. A product will install on the device which will change the desktop wallpaper.

Next, click the Privacy icon on the left. Your browser will load displaying which privacy info can and cannot be collected for the device.

Section 2: Guided Work Experiences

Next, click the app catalog icon on the left dock. The AirWatch app catalog will launch allowing the user to install applications. Click to install the VMware Horizon Client. When the installation is complete a message will appear in the top right of the screen confirming the installation (this will take a few minutes to complete).

Next, click to launch the Workspace ONE application from the left menu bar. Your browser will load and you'll be prompted to confirm the certificate for Workspace ONE. This cert has been pushed down through AirWatch so click "OK" after ensuring the cert with your username is selected.

After selecting the cert, you'll be SSO'd into Workspace ONE. You'll land on the bookmarks page which is available across all your devices. Here you can navigate to the catalog page view or bookmark more apps, or launch directly into any of the web or virtual apps. 

For example, we'll click on Dropbox. After agreeing to single sign-on the first time, we'll be SSO'd into our account.

We can also click on any of the virtual applications in the launcher for a SSO experience in the native horizon client or web browser based on user preference.

Section 3: Enterprise Wipe

Once you have finished viewing the MacOS device configurations, we can return the device to the pre-enrolled state by issuing an enterprise wipe through the AirWatch admin console. Open a web browser and navigate to  airwatch.vmtestdrive.com to access the AirWatch admin console. Authenticate with your Testdrive credentials using "VMWDemo" as the domain.

After logging in, ensure your role is set to "Device Administrator at World Wide Enterprises" by clicking your account in the top right.

Next, select "Devices > List View" to view the list of enrolled devices.



In the device list view, search for your device in the top right and click the device name to open the device details. Now, you'll be able to see more info about your device such as a full list of profiles and enterprise wipe your device. To enterprise wipe the device select "More Actions > Delete Device".



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