Workspace ONE UEM (AirWatch) Sandbox Tips

The following are sandbox configuration tips for  Sandboxes are accessed with the AirWatch Administrator at <sandbox> admin role.

Sandboxes are provided in order to perform testing and demos that do not align with the core functionality showcase pre-configured in the "scripted demos."  Use cases will vary, but you may need to perform custom testing without AD users, VMware Identity Manager/SAML, or Android enterprise. This document quickly shows you how to override each of the aforementioned settings in a sandbox.  

Enable Basic Users

In a sandbox, you may wish to use non-directory users, also known as "basic" users, to perform demos or testing.  In addition to creating the basic users, in system settings you need to enable authentication mode "basic" in enrollment settings.  

  1. Go to Settings > Devices & Users > General > Enrollment > Authentication tab.
  2. Change current setting to override.
  3. Down in the authentication method(s) setting, select basic authentication.
  4. Save.

Note: Any basic users created WILL NOT be available in TestDrive's VMware Identity Manager instance.

Override Sandbox's Directory Services & SAML

In a sandbox, if you require either your own directory services and/or own SAML—not using the provided AD and VMware Identity Manager—you'll need to override directory services and use you own directory and SAML. 

  1. Go to Settings > System > Enterprise Integration > Directory Services.
  2. Change current setting to override.

  3. Skip wizard and configure automatically.  

  4. After skipping the wizard, in the top LDAP section, either keep the existing TestDrive AD configuration or setup your own directory services.

  5. Scroll down to  advanced. Choose to either enable/disable SAML and/or set up your own identity provider.

  6. Save your configuration. 

Disable Android Enterprise

As a best practice, Android enterprise is the recommended Android management method. Therefore, Android enterprise is the default management method in  If you do NOT want Android enterprise in a sandbox, i.e., you need to test legacy Android, you'll need to override the default.

  1. Go to Settings > Devices & Users > Android > Android for Work >  Enrollment Restrictions tab.  
  2. Change current setting to override.
  3. In the define devices that are allowed to utilize Android for Work dropdown, select do not use Android for Work.
  4. Save.

Reconfigure Defaults

For any of the above settings, to return to the defaults, go back and  inherit settings.  Save.

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