Launching Horizon RDS Desktops From Workspace ONE

In this quick walkthrough we're going show you how to launch RDS Horizon Desktops from Workspace ONE (VMware Identity Manager).


  • Log in to Workspace ONE (VMware Identity Manager)
  • Launch Windows RDS Desktop

Before You Begin

In order to perform the full end-to-end demo make sure you have the following:

  • A valid account in the VMware TestDrive environment, sign up here if you don't
  • For Horizon apps: TCP ports 80, 443; and if using PCoIP, both TCP & UDP 4712
  • An Horizon Client installed on your machine.
  • Must be logged in to Workspace ONE (VMware Identity Manager) and have added the Horizon Remote Application icon for Microsoft Word for your region to your workspace from "App Center" 


In some cases, depending on the business need, individual desktop VMs may not be needed by all users and a common RDS server may be sufficient for multiple users. Connections to RDS servers can be managed by Horizon View, allowing users to connect via PCoIP for a better end user experience.

Once you have logged into Workspace ONE (VMware Identity Manager), you will be brought to your workspace. You will want to click on the icon "AMER-RDS", "EMEA-RDS", or "APAC-RDS" depending on your region. 


Clicking on the icon will launch the Horizon Client and load the Horizon RDS Desktop Session. Explore the Windows 2012 R2 functionality and performance and be sure to logoff from your RDS session when you're done. 


Walkthrough Summary

  • Log Into VMware Identity Manager
  • Launch Windows RDS Desktop

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