Getting Started with TestDrive

Welcome to TestDrive!

TestDrive provides VMware customers, partners, employees, and VMUG Advantage members the opportunity to explore VMware's full suite of products including Workspace ONE, Workspace ONE UEM (formerly VMware AirWatch), Horizon, vSAN and Pivotal Container Service. Our environments are fully configured and integrated allowing you to use and experience the products as a customer would in their own deployment.

Who Can Access TestDrive?

TestDrive is open to the following users:

  • VMware Employees
  • Customers and Prospects
  • VMware Partners
  • VMUG Advantage Members

How Do I Sign Up?

The signup process differs based on the type of user you are. Choose your user type below for instructions to sign up.

VMware Employee Registration

VMware employees can navigate to and sign up with their VMware email address to gain access to TestDrive. After you sign up, you'll receive an email from the portal either with your credentials OR to confirm your account depending on if you selected your own password or not. 

Customer and Prospect Registration
Customers and Prospects can gain access to TestDrive by being invited by their VMware sales representative or partner. Reach out to your rep to be invited and receive credentials.
VMware Partner Registration
1. Navigate to Click "Sign Up" and enter your Corporate Email Address. You may be prompted to tell us which user type best describes you. Select I am a VMware Partner.
2. VTSP Status - At this point you'll be asked if you have completed VTSP. If you select YES, you'll be asked to fill out a sign up form. We will verify your status and send you your credentials once we have verified. If you select NO you'll be taken to a page which includes instructions for how to register for this free accreditation. Once you have completed VTSP you can return and sign up later.
VMUG Advantage Members
VMUG Advantage members can sign up for TestDrive using the email address associated with their VMUG membership. To sign up, navigate to and click "Get Started". After completing the registration form you'll be emailed your credentials or a verification link (if you selected your own password). For any assistance with the process please email

What do I do if am not receiving TestDrive email? 

Please do the following if you are not receiving email from TestDrive:

  1. Check your spam folder.
  2. Verify that your organization's email system has the following whitelisted:

If your organization is not blocking email from us, then send in a support ticket to

Now I Have Access, Whats Next?

Congratulations! Next, check out the below resources to help familiarize yourself with TestDrive:

Need Help?

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