Workspace ONE UEM (AirWatch) Sandbox Walkthrough

In this quick walkthrough we're going show you how to access and enroll your device to your personal AirWatch sandbox.


  • Access your sandbox in the AirWatch console
  • Enroll your device to your personal sandbox

Before you Begin

In order to access your sandbox please make sure you have the following:

  • A valid account in the VMware TestDrive environment, sign up here if you don't
  • Activated the AirWatch product from the My Services tab in the VMware TestDrive Portal.
  • Network access from your device and TCP port 443 enabled on your network


 Your sandbox is your personal AirWatch playground where you can create profiles, build out organization groups, configure apps, and access advanced admin settings without affecting any other users in the environment. You will be able to make custom admin configurations in the AirWatch console and then enroll devices to see the corresponding features on the device. 

To access your sandbox in the AirWatch admin console, open your favorite browser and navigate to


Login with your TestDrive username and password. If you do not yet have an account you can  sign up here.

Once you have logged in, ensure AirWatch is turned on. Click Launch next to AirWatch to open the admin console.


This will bring you to Login here using the same credentials you used to login at but include the domain vmwdemo\ in front of the username.


Now that you have logged in, you will come to the default role or the role you were last using. We will need to change our role to our sandbox by click Account in the top right.

Under the Account Role drop down choose Administrator at Sandbox Admin {username}.

Your screen will reload and you will now see you are in your sandbox. Here you are able to navigate to the sections on the left and make any custom configurations, like create profiles for example.

AirWatch product guides with detailed configuration information can be found at

Once you have made your custom configurations, you can enroll your devices directly into your sandbox to see the policies in action. We will use a different enrollment method than is used for the standard demo flows. First you will need to find the Group ID that corresponds to your personal sandbox. To find this navigate to Groups & Settings > Groups > Organization Groups > Organization Group Details. Take note of the Group ID field for enrollment.


Now that you know the group ID for your sandbox, we can enroll our device. You can enroll any device type in your sandbox, but for this guide we will walk through iOS specifically. On your device navigate to the App store and download the AirWatch agent.

Once the agent is installed, launch the app. You will see the main “Welcome to AirWatch!” page with three different authentication methods available for enrollment. For sandboxes you will need to use the Sever Details option.

For the Server we will enter the Testdrive AirWatch instance URL. 

Group ID: Found using instructions above

After entering the Server and Group ID click "Next" to continue enrollment.

Next, we have to authenticate our username against Workspace ONE to ensure we are entitled to enroll into AirWatch. Enter your TestDrive credentials and click “Sign In” 

Now that you have been authenticated, you will be redirected to ensure you would like to enable AirWatch device management. Click on Redirect and Enable to initiate the profile installation steps. 


Now you will be prompted to allow the installation of the AirWatch Digital Workspace for your device. Profiles are the policies defined for this enrollment on what AirWatch can manage on your device. Click Install

A warning will appear detailing a generic statement about AirWatch device management. The actual features that can be monitored or controlled by AirWatch on iOS are defined in the profile and vary depending on what has been setup for the particular profile. Click Install.

In order for any level of device management to be able to take place, we must enable Remote Management on IOS. Click Trust allowing the VMware TestDrive instance to remotely control the device for the purpose of you being able to AirWatch features. 

A verification that the profile was installed will appear. You may review the profiles and click Done to continue

Now you will be redirected to be able to open the AirWatch Agent. Click on Open.

You will see successful completion page titled “Authentication Complete” Click on Done.

Now in the AirWatch Agent you will see a summary of your device that has now been successfully enrolled. 

At this point your device has been completely enrolled in your sandbox and any configurations you assigned to your device will be pushed down.

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