New in TestDrive

The team has worked very hard in the last few months to bring an improved user experience within the TestDrive portal. Lets walkthrough these new features now available to all users!

New In TestDrive 

TestDrive Portal Improvements

Brand new "My Products" page!

We've redesigned the display of the VMware Products and integrations within the TestDrive portal.

  • No more hard to find launcher - We've done away with the "launcher" button and instead displayed all the products in a list with the launcher button right next to the product.
  • VMware products and integrations separated - We've separated the VMware Products from the integrations. The new integrations section below the products clearly displays the VMware products vs our sample integrations.
  • Tabs for each VMware solution - Now the EUC products are located under "Secure Digital Workspace" and we're building out additional solutions under their respective tabs.


  • User credentials at a glance - You can now find all the credentials you need for each service listed alongside the service (including your password!).
  • Product walkthrough easy access - The most comprehensive walkthroughs for each product are listed right below. 


  • VMware App Volumes and VMware User Environment Manager now called out- Previously we had App Volumes and UEM configured, but it was hard to find unless you found the guide on the knowledge base. Now we've added these alongside the rest of the products for easy access.
  • Tutorial for App Volumes and VMware User Environment Manager - Animations help you know how to access the products for UEM and App Volumes.



  • Grid and List view for products page - You can toggle between a grid or list view for the products page to find the view of your choice.


Improved Invitations

We've updated our invitations page for an improved user experience for customers who are being invited!

  • Steps 1 and 2 remain the same for user invitations, however for step 3 you're able to turn on services for your customers! By checking "Start Enabled" the service will be turned on for the user. This way, when the user logs in for the first time all the services they need will already be enabled.


Knowledge Base Improvements

We've moved to a new knowledge base!

In order to solve usability issues with our previous knowledge base, we've moved to a new one!

  • New look and feel aligning with the TestDrive Portal
  • Videos now included in the knowledge base - Users no longer have to navigate to a separate video page ( to view videos. We've added them right in our new knowledge base so when you search videos will be included in the results.
  • Improved organization - We've arranged our guides by product for easier navigation.
  • Ability to submit a support ticket directly from the knowledge base - Click "Submit a request" in the top right at any time to get in contact with us.
  • Email notifications for new articles - The team will be able to email users when we have new articles!
  • VMware and Partner only guides - Now you'll be able to login to our knowledge base to see guides that are restricted to only VMware and Partner! More details on this coming soon!


vSAN, Now in TestDrive

We've added vSAN to TestDrive! 

  • Now you'll notice a "Modernize Data Centers" tab within the TestDrive portal that includes vSAN. You can launch into the service and follow the steps outlined in the demo guide.
  • VMware Horizon Desktop Infrastructure in TestDrive is now powered by vSAN!



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