TestDrive Portal Walkthrough

The TestDrive portal is your starting point for access to explore VMware's products. In this guide we'll walk through the basics of how to use the TestDrive portal and your account.


Before you begin this guide ensure you have signed up for an account using the instructions located in our Getting Started with TestDrive walkthrough.

Welcome Page

You can access the TestDrive portal at portal.vmtestdrive.com from your web browser of choice. From this page you can select Log In in the top right to log in with an existing account. 

If you don't yet have an account see our Getting Started with TestDrive Guide for how to sign up.


Log in to the TestDrive Portal

To log in to TestDrive, user your TestDrive username (the username is not your email!). Refer back to your confirmation email you received when you signed up. Also, if you have forgotten your password you can choose forgot password right below the login.


Your Account Settings

Once you're logged in, you'll notice your name in the top right. Click here to make changes to your account settings. 


After you click your name you have 3 options.


Edit profile lets you change your name, title, and add a photo if you'd like. You can also permanently delete your account if you no longer want a TestDrive account.


Change password lets you set a new password.


My Products Page

The main view in the TestDrive portal is the my products page. This is where you turn on products for your account, launch into products, view walkthrough guides and view your credentials. 

You'll notice the products page is broken into 3 sections - Ready to Use Experiences, Sandbox Experiences, and Sample Integrations.

  • Ready to Use Experiences - these products have been completely configured, integrated and are maintained by the TestDrive team. We've set up sample customer workflows so you can see the products in the configured state that would be common in the real world. No configuration is required, just launch into the products and start using them.
  • Sandbox Experiences - these products are blank individual instances of the product assigned to your TestDrive account. With these experiences, you can explore your own tenant of the product to review all the admin features and make any configurations you'd like. These environments are valid as long as your TestDrive account is active and cannot be converted to production today. These environments are Saas hosted.
  • Sample Integrations - these are 3rd party partners who have worked with VMware to provide sample licenses. These integrations are available to showcase the end to end Workspace ONE experience from the "Ready to Use Experiences" products. For example, with Blue Jeans enabled you can SSO into Blue Jeans from Workspace ONE.

Now is a good time to go ahead and toggle on products and integrations you'd like to use.


Also, click the dropdown next to each product for more details including your credentials, walkthrough guides, and hands-on labs.


In addition to the products list view, you can also toggle to the grid view in the top right. 


Videos & Knowledge Base

In the Help & Support box on the right you will find links to our TestDrive Knowledge base. You'll also find a link pointing to the full list of videos hosted on our knowledge base.


Open a Support Request and Give Feedback

If you ever run into an issue, you can reach out the support team using the Contact Us button. 


For Additional Support

Review Our Knowledge Base 

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