Inviting Your Customers to TestDrive

In this walkthrough, we'll show you how to invite your customers to TestDrive.

Walkthrough Summary

  • Sending Customer Invitations
    • Log in to Testdrive Portal
    • Fill in and submit the customer invitation form
    • Confirm the invite was sent successfully

Before You Begin

In order to invite customers to use the TestDrive environment check you have the following

  • A valid account in the VMware TestDrive environment, sign up here 
  • Super User Access (Must be a VMware Employee or VMware Partner)


Sending Customer Invitations

First, open your favorite web browser and navigate to the TestDrive Portal at

Login with your TestDrive username and password.


Once logged in, click the "Invite Users" button under the blue Customers card which will open up an invite form for you to fill out.


Next, you'll have the option to enter a Salesforce Opportunity ID.

If you're a VMware employee, you have the option to enter the SFDC Opportunity ID from VMstarfor the customer you're inviting (this is in the format of an 8 digit number). Alternatively you can enter the opportunity ID from the AirWatch Salesforce instance. When viewing the opportunity in AirWatch's salesforce, the opportunity ID is everything after "" in the browser window.

If you're a VMware Partner, you must enter YOUR Partner ID and the SFDC Deal Registration IDfor the customer you're inviting. This is in the format 

Enter the user's info and click Next.


If you try to submit the form without providing a valid SFDC ID, you'll get a warning dialog.


Continue with the registration and enter a username for the users along with job title, region, and industry segment. 


Next, you can pick and choose which products and integrations you want your customer to have access to.

If Display to user is checked ON the user will be able to view the service and turn it on if it is not already turned on. If Display to user is OFF the user will not see it in the products page.

If Start Enabled is ON, the service will automatically be turned on for the user before they login for the first time. If start enabled is OFF and Start enabled is off the user will not see the service and will not be able to turn it on either.

On a successful submission, you'll get a 'Invitation successfully sent' message.

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